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  • Maintenance of your fire break is always the responsibility of the land owner
  • West Coast Firebreaks will complete all jobs by the required time as stipulated by the Governing Shires
  • As our valued customer, we will always keep you compliant and informed
  • If you do not comply with the shire regulations, you will be fined and a contractor will be hired to perform these duties at your own expense
  • Rangers do inspect properties after their compliance dates
  • Please be advises that removal of stock piles of rubbish, dead trees or branches is the owners responsibility
  • Rangers Services require canal banks to be whipper snipped which is included in our price

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to slash or rotary hoe a residential block?

Prices start at $100. But, contact us for an obligation free quote.

What do I have to have done to my residential block in the Shire of Waroona?

Important information relating to your responsibility as a landholder in the Shire of Waroona. With reference to section 33 of the Bush Fires Act, 1954, you are required to carry out fire prevention work on land owned or occupied by you in shorter essays tend not to require a restatement of your main ideas accordance with the provisions of this order.

This work must be carried out on or before November 17th and kept maintained throughout the summer months until the close of Restricted Burning Period.

Urban Land

Land owned or occupied by you within the Waroona town site you shall:

  1. Where an area is less than 2500 square metres you must remove all flammable material and the land except living trees, from the whole land
  2. Where the area exceeds 2500 square metres you must provide fire breaks of at lest three metres wide immediately inside all areas external boundaries of the land and also immediately surrounding all buildings situated on the land. Where several adjoining lots are held or used by the owner/occupier, the fire breaks may be provided inside, along the external boundaries of the group lots

Rural Land

Fire breaks not less that 3 metres wide and four metres vertical must be provided in the following positions.

  1. Within 60 metres inside and along the boundaries of all land including that which is uncleared, so as to form a continuous break around the holding
  2. Not more than 100 metres and not less than 20 metres from the perimeter of buildings, haystacks and fuel installations

An inspection of fire breaks and hazard removal will be carried out in all areas of the Shire by authorised Officers on or after November 17th. Persons who fail to comply with the requirements of this order may be issued with an infringement notice (penalty $250) or prosecuted with an increased penalty, and additionally, Council may carry out required work at cost to the owner or occupier.

If it is considered for any reason to be impractical to clear fire breaks as required as required by this notice or natural features render fire breaks unnecessary you may apply to the council or its duly authorised officer not later than the 1st day of November for permission to provide fire breaks in alternative positions (strategic breaks) or to take alternative action to abate fire hazards on the land. If permission is not granted by the council or its duly authorised officer, you shall comply with the requirements of this notice. If the requirements of this notice are carried out by burning, such burning must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Bush Fires Act.

What do I have to have done to my residential block in the Murray Shire?

Where the area of land is 4,000 square meters or less, all flammable material on the entire property shall be reduced and maintained to a height of less than 5 centimetres by slashing, mowing, rotary hoeing, chemical spraying or by other means.

What do I have to have done to my residential block in the Mandurah Shire?

Occupied or unoccupied land and less than 2023m2 Where the area of the land is less than 2023m2 remove all flammable material on the land except living standing trees, from the whole of the land by either ploughing, cultivating, scarifying, slashing (to a height of 4cm) chemical spraying (followed by slashing down to a height of 4cm) or other approved method by an authorised officer of Council. A four meter fire break is not acceptable.