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 West Coast Firebreaks would like to spray around the perimeter of your block, including around your power dome and water meter so we can control the cotton bush and grasses that grow up the fence wall and boundary to reduce the fire hazard.

Block spraying and cotton bush control also helps to discourage people dumping rubbish in the corners and along the fence lines of your blocks. Other benefit include protecting the fences from damage and rusting and to also keep your block looking neat and tidy.

Summer Sprays

There are a lot of blocks with excessive growth of buffalo and couch along fence lines, we would like to spray these blocks in February/March to minimize the growth leading into winter. As these grasses are perennials they may require a summer and winter spray in the first year or two.

Winter Sprays

This spray would be carried out in July/August and control winter weeds e.g. rye-grass, wild oats,  barley and Spear Grass. This would also give another hit to the summer grasses.

What We Use

With our front end loader and Kubota RTV Spray Rig we spray a product called Glyphosate (Roundup) and use Roundup Biactive or Roundup Drye near water (frog friendly). We are fully licensed and insured.

Please contact us today to authorise an inspection and to carry out the summer spray if required. A standard block will cost $60 Inc.GST per spray.

We have also been informed by the Shire of Mandurah that all blocks this year have to be 100% compliant, which means all dead wood, branches, rubbish etc. must be removed from your block.